Form an LLC in Colorado - Bronchicklaw vs. Legalzoom

Many people flock to websites like LEGALZOOMTM to do their LLC filings to form an LLC in Colorado.  The #1 reason they do is that they think it's easier, faster and cheaper than using a lawyer.Let's compare...

Review - LEGALZOOMTM is not a law firm, they just play one on TV.  Seriously, famous OJ attorney Robert Shapiro is not reviewing your documents.  In fact, LEGALZOOMTM cannot give you legal advice, as they clearly state on their website. So, how do you even know if an LLC is better for you than an S corporation or which of the four tax elections you want for your LLC? The answer is, "You don't".

Speed - LEGALZOOMTM can take weeks to file your new company, then charge you Fedex to overnight the papers.  Colorado is an e-file state, so it shouldn't take more than a few days, which it normally takes us.  

Annual Fees - LEGALZOOMTM charges an annual fee to be your registered agent, which is $159/year, auto-billed to your credit card (and few people notice that when they order their LLC).  We can do that for you for nothing - forever. Or, you can be your own registered agent if you have a physical address in Colorado.

Anonymity - LEGALZOOMTM will put your name all over your filing documents, for no charge!  We can act as your organizer and registered agent, keeping your name private so tenants and customers don't know who the owner of the company is on public records.  And, we charge nothing extra for this service.Cost - at first blush is only $79.00 for an LLC, but if you want a tax ID#, an operating agreement, a registered agent, and other necessary services, it will cost you about $400.00 dollars + $159.00/year registered agent fee.  We charge $697.00 and no registered agent fee (see below).  Bargain?  You decide.

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